Recording Fees

Recording fees are calculated per page for each document presented. No special assessments or declarations are required.

Plats & Surveys

 Description  (each)
 18" x 24" (Plat)  $44.00 
 36" x 24" (Plat)                                      $69.00 
 18" x 24" (Survey)  $24.00 
 36" x 24" (Survey)  $29.00
 Please provide 3 paper originals (no mylars please)

Real Estate Records

 Description  (each)
 1st Page  $24.00 
Each Additional Page  $3.00 

Multiple book & Page Reference on

Releases & Assignments (*per Reference)  

Non-standard fee  $25.00

Tax Liens

 Description  (each)
 Federal  $9.00
 Federal Release                           $7.50 


 State Release  $1.50

Note: Searches for Federal and State tax liens are $ 4.00 each per name. Please make written request.


Copy fee for:  (Per Page) 
Standard Document  $1.00
Certified Document - $1.00 per page + $1.00 for Certification; (i.e. 10 pages with a certification = $11.00) <<< 

Plats & Surveys


Note: Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return mail.


Please refer to the Document Requirements section to insure your documents meet the standardized formatting requirements set forth by this office.
If your document does not meet these requirements, please include $25.00 non-standard fee IN ADDITION to per page fees.