Document Requirements:

Please verify that your documents meet ALL of the following requirements to insure recording in a timely manner.

General Document Requirements:
Correct recording fees (documents will be returned for incorrect fees)
Names must be typed or printed below ALL signatures
Print must be at least 8 point type and legible to be reproduced from record
Address of Grantee
Address of Mortgagee or Assignee
Legal description
Corporate seal (If no seal please state on document)

Notary Requirements:
Notary signature
Notary seal or stamp

Document Formatting:
If any of the following formatting requirements are not met, there will be a $25.00 penalty in addition to the per page recording fee.
Documents dated prior to January 1, 2002 are exempt.

Size & Ink:
Document must be submitted on 8 1/2" x 11" paper
Document must be submitted on white, light-colored paper with no watermarks
Document must be printed on one side only
Document may not be presented as a continuous form or permanently bound
Signatures must be in black or dark ink

Attachments & Margins:
Attachments may not be stapled or taped to page(s) of the document other than as required by law
Document must contain a top 3" vertical space on the first page
No unauthorized printing or information within the 3" margin
Remaining margins on first and subsequent pages 3/4"

First Page Designations Below The 3" Margin:
If there is not sufficient room for any of the following on the 1st page, reference can be made as to where the information is located within the document.
Title of the document
Date of the document
Grantor's name(s) for indexing purposes (must designate)
Grantee's name(s) for indexing purposes (must designate)
Statutory address(s)
Legal description
Reference book & page(s)

Release Deeds:
Must present original identified note to release deeds of trust recorded prior to January 1, 1986; If original note is lost, must attach affidavits of lost note by the Maker and beneficiary.