Document Requirements:

Please verify that your documents meet ALL of the following requirements to ensure recording in a timely manner.

General Document Requirements:

• Original document (No Copies)
• Print/ Font must be at least 8-point type
• Correct recording fees. See the recording fees tab.
• Grantor name(s) & marital status
• Grantee name(s) & marital status
• Address of Grantee
• Names must be typed or printed below ALL signatures.
• Grantor signature(s) – Signature(s)must be notarized.
• Address of Mortgagee or Assignee
• Legal description
• Corporate seal (if no seal please state on the document).
• First page must have a 3” margin at the top of the page for the recording label.

Notary Requirements:

• Notary signature
• Notary seal or stamp

Document Formatting:

• If any of the following formatting requirements are not met, there will be a $25.00 penalty in addition to the per page recording fee.
• Documents dated prior to January 1, 2002 are exempt.

Size & Ink:

• Document must be submitted on 8 1/2" x 11" paper
• Document must be submitted on white, light-colored paper with no watermarks
• Document must be printed on one side only
• Document may not be presented as a continuous form or permanently bound
• Signatures must be in black or dark ink

Attachments & Margins:

• Attachments may not be stapled or taped to page(s) of the document other than as required by law
• Document must contain a top 3" vertical space on the first page
• No unauthorized printing or information within the 3" margin
• Remaining margins on first and subsequent pages 3/4"

First Page Designations Below The 3" Margin:

If there is not sufficient room for any of the following on the 1st page, reference can be made as to where the information is located within the document.

• Title of the document
• Date of the document
• Grantor's name(s) for indexing purposes (must designate)
• Grantee's name(s) for indexing purposes (must designate)
• Statutory address(s)
• Legal description
• Reference book & page(s)
• Grantor name(s) & marital status
• Grantor name(s) & marital status

Release Deeds:

Must present original identified note to release deeds of trust recorded prior to January 1, 1986; If original note is lost, must attach affidavits of lost note by the maker and beneficiary.